New dig box!

Loki here. I'm mad!!! We got a new dig box and Ma didn't let me try it out first. Ma was given a long plastic box, one of those under the bed ones. She put a big bag of beans in it and it is Fun. It is Not wack-a-mole like that other human who lives here said. I think he was joking but you can never tell with him.

Here's the pic but that's not me! :-( Ma says that you don't have to buy expensive ferret toys cause we love to play in anything new. Dig boxes can be filled with beans, rice, packing peanuts (only the biodegradable kind). You can also but the plastic balls from kids play areas. It doesn't have to be fancy. Be sure to sand the holes after you cut them so there are no rough edges. We get bored very easy; therefore , switching out our toys is a good thing.

Gotta bounce,


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