Ferret Crack

Loki here. Ma's been busy and hasn't left her puter open for me to write to you so, let me catch you up. The other day, it was the one where everyone disappears for a couple of hours, I think it was Thursday. Anyway, ma ate my food. It wasn't fair I didn't even get a chance to get it. She said something about a 5 second rule. That's crazy, cuz that chicken smelled yummy. Oh yeah, I was going to tell you bout the chicken gravy the other night when I got busted. Ma says I shouldn't be walking on her keyboard, if she only knew. Back to the chicken gravy, first off it's not what you humans put on your potatoes. Nope, it's much better than that. Not quite as good as Ferretone but that's another story for another day. Our chicken gravy is homemade. Some people just make that duck soup powder mixture but Ma does it right with whole chickens. Ma says that when a ferret has Insulinoma they are normally put on prednisolone, aka pred as Ma calls it. I don't have it but a lot of the ferrets here do. It's really hard on their tummies so Ma mixes in their meds with the chicken gravy. Here is a link to a list of recipes for different ways to make it. Ferret chicken gravy recipes. Ma says that you shouldn't use the Nutri-Cal or the honey cause that has too much sugar (Ma uses the Bob Churches recipe with some tweaks). It also helps us ferrets gain weight and we love it as treats. Here's a pic of one time when a group of us got a big bowl.

Ma's needs to organize her pics cause I couldn't find the one with the big bowl but I know you can see another one on Facebook. I didn't catch you up on everything but I'll try again tomorrow.

Till next time,

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