Another New Site

Hey it's Loki here. My mom has been ignoring me for two days now updating another new site. She kept grumbling about not being able to edit the way she wanted. My cage mates and I are making her run back and forth fighting today. Glitch is in another bad mood. She even nipped at ma which she hasn't done in ages. It must be cause she hasn't had time to play with us.

Emma is one of our geriatric residents and ma found out that she doesn't like dogs today. Rascal is mom's dog. He's 7 years old and still thinks he's a pup with an attitude. Here's a pic of him.

Ma says she doesn't have a pic of Emma but will take one soon. She has problems remembering so I may have to remind her. Anyway, Rascal was in the kitchen waiting for ma to finish and go to bed when Emma came out. Rascal went over to her and sniffed her and Emma pooped all over the floor.

Ma's yelling at Rascal when he really didn't do anything but say Hi. He was sent back outside. I felt a little sorry for him, Not! Well this is going to be a short post since it's really late again. Ma still has to give the special ones "chicken gravy". That's a story for another day. Ttyl

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