Loki's Babble

I'm Loki. My mom has had me since I was a baby. When she joined Ferret Friends I wasn't to sure about it neither were my sisters and brothers. One of the first ferrets my mom took in was Glitch aka Tumbleweed. She was a mean little girl and I sure didn't like her at first. It took me awhile to set her straight. It took my mom almost 4 months before she could hold Glitch without her drawing blood. A year and half later, my mom can hold her but not anyone else. She sure doesn't like strangers and she only likes my dad once in awhile. I've got to say, she taught me a lot. She taught me how to climb almost anything, and to steal mom's keys so she can't find them. She sure is great. My mom separated us for awhile cause she said that Glitch was teaching me to bite but I'm back with her now since my buddy Smokey was adopted last week. He is loving his new home. See him below playing in a box at his new home.

Well, it's getting late and I need to go to sleep. Until next time. Your pal Loki.

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