December 15, 2017

Hey everybody, Loki here. 

All the humans here are very excited and would like to thank the generous donations from our Ferret Friends supporters for the last two months. 

                               Give a big Shout Out for:

                               Samantha from Beyond Paint...

December 9, 2017

Loki here.  I'm mad!!! We got a new dig box and Ma didn't let me try it out first.  Ma was given a long plastic box, one of those under the bed ones.  She put a big bag of beans in it and it is Fun.  It is Not wack-a-mole like that other human who lives here said.  I think he was joking but you can never tell with him.

Here's the pic but that's not me! :-(  Ma says that you don't have to buy expensive ferret toys...

December 3, 2017

Loki here.  Ma's been busy and hasn't left her puter open for me to write to you so, let me catch you up.  The other day, it was the one where everyone disappears for a couple of hours, I think it was Thursday.  Anyway, ma ate my food.  It wasn't fair I didn't even get a chance to get it.  She said something about a 5 second rule.  That's crazy, cuz that chicken smelled yummy.    Oh yeah, I was going to tell you bout the chick...

November 30, 2017

Hey it's Loki here.  My mom has been ignoring me for two days now updating another new site.  She kept grumbling about not being able to edit the way she wanted.  My cage mates and I are making her run back and forth fighting today.  Glitch is in another bad mood.  She even nipped at ma which she hasn't done in ages.  It must be cause she hasn't had time to play with us. 

Emma is one of our geriatr...

November 29, 2017

 I'm Loki.  My mom has had me since I was a baby.  When she joined Ferret Friends I wasn't to sure about it neither were my sisters and brothers.   One of the first ferrets my mom took in was Glitch aka Tumbleweed.  She was a mean little girl and I sure didn't like her at first.  It took me awhile to set her straight.  It took my mom almost 4 months before she could hold Glitch without her drawing blood.  A year and half later...

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November 29, 2017

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