Process to Adopt

If you are from the Phoenix area, please contact AZ Ferret Rescue.  You can find her on FaceBook.

Step 1:  Fill out the adoption application.  Link is below.

Step 2:  Check out our available for adoption pictures under Find the Ferrets or on our Facebook page. (No pics will be posted while I still have a waiting list)

Step 3: If you rent or lease, you must provide a copy one of the following:

The lease showing no restrictions

A letter from the complex owner or landlord giving you permission

A copy of the standard complex application, if it shows, what type of animals are permitted

Step 4: Schedule a time to come visit the ferrets.  Expect to stay for awhile so that you can get to know the ferret you are interested in.  Multiple visits are preferred especially if you are unsure or you already have a ferret that you are looking to get a playmate for. We will hold a ferret after the first visit for 7 days if you need time to prepare or come visit again. 

Step 5: Fill out and sign the adoption paperwork.  Proof of residence is required.  WE DO NOT ADOPT TO CALIFORNIA. If you are found with a ferret at the border they may confiscate your ferret and may euthanize. Also if you are found to have ferrets by animal control the same may happen.  You will need to have a carrier or one can be sold to you for $15.00, when available.

All ferrets must be returned to us if the owner's life changes to where they can no longer care for the ferret(s).  Regardless of time passed. Refunds available within the first 14 days.